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Amman Panorama Art Gallery is on the steps of Amman Citadel, Opposite Amman Roman Theater. The paintings are of oil or acrylic. Explore a wide selection of original Paintings on canvas, handmade ceramics and camel bone carving.


Can a gallery be more than just a place to admire Jordanian art or buy a gift? Absolutely!

In this renovated house, Amman Panorama Art Gallery reflects the city's cultural and artistic heritage and spread the fragrant of the Jordanian art and paintings through Impressionism and abstraction, as well as fine art paintings and engravings on camel bone!

Amman Panorama Art Gallery showrooms also contain ceramics formed by Jordanian artists in various forms, which highlighted the skill and superiority of local ceramic art, which is similar to and even surpasses the production of many craftsmen of the world.

Amman Panorama Art Gallery also features a collection of handicrafts created by Jordanian ladies including jewelry, scarves, necklaces, bracelets, earrings and carvings to the home decor.

Amman Panorama Art Gallery became the address for anyone looking for a unique Jordanian gift.

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